With the summer in England taking its sweet time to get going, I share my 5 favourite places in the world to visit in August.
August is the zenith of summer. In European cities, ancient monuments stay warm long into the night, slowly releasing heat built up over weeks of glorious weather. In England, we’ve finally had seven consecutive days of sunshine and the population is full of burnt noses and ice cream headaches. With September looming August is a great month to celebrate the last hurrah of summer, whether that means travelling to the far reaches of an exotic forest or just hopping across to Ireland.
If you can’t decide where to go, check out my top 5 tips on where to travel in August!
We’re starting with a biggie! Tanzania has all you could possibly want from a holiday: delicious looking beaches, exciting wildlife parks, and the famous Kilimanjaro. For a tropical treasure trove, head to the Spice Islands and find barely-touched gems free from tourists. For a stupendous safari, visit the Ruaha and Selous game parks; there’s little electricity or even drinking water out in the depths of these parks but their elephants, lions, herds of buffalo and more, more than make up for it.
In this fair city’ there is plenty to see, do, taste and drink. Before settling down to drink a truly authentic Guinness, stop off at the fascinating library housed in Trinity College’s The Long Room. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Dublin Mountain is perfect for long walks and has amazing views.
Bali has a sophisticated charm with a little something for everyone. Como Shambhala Estate, in a picturesque jungle setting, is one of the best spas in the world. For the more active traveller, Uluwatu surf break offers some serious waves for serious surfers. In the north of the island you can see beautiful rice-paddies and explore active volcanoes.
Amsterdam provides the city break to end all city breaks with fantastic restaurants, fun clubs and bars, and plenty of green space to sit back and relax. Don’t miss exploring East Amsterdam’s cool shops and galleries. Also make time for the city’s quirky museums, such as the Pianola Museum (self-playing pianos), or get cultural at the wonderful Van Gough Museum.
Portland v. Seattle
There is a fun rivalry between these two towns, separated by 200 miles of Interstate 5 on the west coast of the US, and I can’t choose between them! Portland is the home of the hipster and the place to go for microbreweries and a booming food scene played out in alternative food trucks. Seattle is larger of the two, its food is best sampled in fantastic restaurants with talented and respected chefs.
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