With schools back in session, September can be the perfect time to head off on adventures. Here are the world’s best places to travel to in September.
Ah, those lucky few without children in school! If you are in this fortunate bracket, September is the ideal month to jet off somewhere special. The sun is still shining, flights are cheaper, and everywhere is calmer and quieter now most travellers are back home.
But where to go? There’s so much choice! Don’t panic, here are the world’s best places to travel to in September.
The energy-sapping heat of the summer months has abated by September so you can expect a lovely 25C during the daytime. Barcelona’s many clubs and bars are always busy, as is its beach as long as the sun keeps shining. Make the most of the balmy evenings by visiting the swanky beach bars and sipping cocktails outside. The 11th of September is Catalonia’s national holiday, so you’ll enjoy parades and live music throughout the city if you’re planning to visit around this date.
New York
New York, the city that never sleeps, is fabulous year-round. From famous monuments to boutique shops, novelty bagels to Broadway, museums to parks, it’s so good you’ll want to see it twice. Make sure you book ahead for popular attractions, such as Broadway shows or baseball games, if you’re desperate to see them. If it’s your first visit, take a walking tour to soak in the atmosphere of the Big Apple. Alternatively, take a road trip upstate to the Catskill Mountains. Catch some fish, enjoy art galleries and live music, and relax on a weekend retreat at the Zen Mountain Monastery.
This beautiful island in the Cyclades is a well-known honeymoon destination due to the stunning views from the top of the 3,500-year-old flooded volcano crater. There is a fantastic selection of luxurious hotels lined up, looking out over this view, with rooms set into the rock face itself and sleek infinity pools. The pretty town of Oia is romantic in the warmth of a September sunset, watch the sun sink below the horizon whilst sipping on a local wine.
As the water holes steadily empty in the rising heat of a Zimbabwean September, the animals gather together – perfect for game-watching. With several swish new lodges opening up, Zimbabwe is ready to take back its crown as Safari King. From the overwhelming sight of the Victoria Falls to slow-moving elephant herds in Hwange National Park, it’s got a lot to offer.
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