When deciding to travel overseas, it is often a good idea to pre-plan travel arrangements beforehand so that you can enjoy peace of mind with regards to your accommodation, transport and itinerary, among others. However, there may be some of you who may live off making spontaneous travel decisions, such as when you are itching for a short getaway during an upcoming long weekend or public holiday. There may be also those of you who often have to make ad hoc business trips, in which case time is not on your side when planning your accommodation overseas.
In such scenarios, the Internet is your best friend as nowadays, there are many online portals specializing in last minute travel bookings. Compare this with the past when you might often be frustrated with your travel agent for not being able to book a room for you at the last minute, thus forcing you to postpone or even cancel your trip.
So what is the allure of the Internet for last minute travelers? Quite simply, by visiting these online portals, you can not only find and book hotels in your destination that still have available rooms for booking, you can also get to enjoy big savings from last minute discounts and deals that hotels roll out to fill unoccupied rooms which is especially common in the off-season. At times, these deals might even save you more money than if you have booked earlier. This is especially the case when you combine these hotel deals with savings from discounted airfares and car rental services which are often featured on these websites as well. Read on for more information about last minute hotels and some pointers which might be useful when you have to make last minute bookings.
Cheap hotel deals at the last minute – the Internet has made it all possible
To find excellent deals for your hotel, you should search on the Internet and tap on the information resources provided by the online travel agents and hotels themselves. Here, you can easily find deals and discounts on your hotels which can amount to over 50% if you are lucky. Hence it pays to search and compare the last minute deals offered by the online travel agents for your desired hotel with those offered by the hotel itself via its website.
Do look out for seasonal offers which may be run in conjunction with the school vacations or local holidays and festivals. All you need to do is to enter your search criteria on the agents’ websites and you can choose from a wide selection of hotels ranging from budget hotels to resorts to 5-star accommodation in your chosen location. Thus you need not worry that last minute deals will leave you shortchanged in terms of choice or quality.
Some points to note when making last minute bookings
When booking your hotels online at the last minute, there are some points to note to ensure that your selection and booking process goes smoothly. First of all, be on your guard when selecting which websites to place your online booking with so as to avoid scams that are designed to take advantage of people who are careless when making hurried booking decisions. The best way is to only trust experienced agents with a proven track record of handling such bookings and protecting its online customers by employing adequate security measures.
Another good practice is to only patronize online agents whose websites are updated regularly with the most up-to-date, special promotions, deals and discounts as these deals are usually time-sensitive and should be accurate at any point of time.
Also, be sure to check out and compare the inclusions such as transport and meals that are bundled with each last minute deal to ensure that you only settle for the one that offers the most convenience and value for money. This is to eliminate the hassle of arranging them separately so that you can concentrate on planning for other more important aspects of your trip. It is also important to print and keep the confirmation notice of your booking so that it can be produced in any case of dispute.
When booking your hotels at the last minute, you may not be able to get the hotel of your choice in your chosen location, especially during the peak travel season. Hence, do be prepared to cast your net wider and consider similar hotels that may be located further away from your selected location, including in the outskirts of the city. These hotels are often similar in standard and quality as hotels located nearer the city centre.
Hence, whenever you book your hotels at the last minute, be sure that the website has links to established hotels with high standards, as you should not expect any less quality or service from your hotel even if you are a last minute guest.