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Trawex Technologies is a customer concentrated global provider of online hotel booking engine, working with corporations, hotel booking agency partners and hotels. We pay attention to our clients and continually develop our products and services to ensure we grow with their demands. Our booking engine is an easy-to-use hotel booking system product that automates day-to-day hotel management through an online booking system. We provide a high quality product at a fraction of the cost of other booking system suppliers. Trawex Technologies is a leading web portal development company, offers the best in class solutions in the domains of Hotel Booking API. Trawex Technologies is a technology company who specialize in delivering Internet-enabled online reservation solutions to the accommodation sector of the travel business. We also offer a range of further services addressing a range of customer needs including online accommodation marketing, channel management, white label products and XML distribution.
We analyze customer patterns, build our booking technology to match customer requirements, and provide you with professional and personalized account management to continually raise the performance of your hotel’s online business. Our hotel booking software is used in various types of establishment around the world including hotels, guest houses, hostels & hospitals. Hotel booking software can make your business more productive by saving time and by maximizing room booking potential. Our booking system is a user friendly hotel booking system product that automates every day hotel management through an online booking system. We are a software company that has all the resources to create a good-designed and well developed hotel booking engine. This means that customers think they are still on your website – which means better conversion rates and they are more likely to book direct with you next time.
Easy Bookings is a straightforward easy to use commission free online booking system. Online hotel reservation systems delivered by us offers services for instant and stress free room booking with a printable copy of report for your online cash transactions made through our reservation system. You simply add a link to your website and allow your customers to check availability and make an online reservation. Trawex Technologies is an expert Indian based software development company that specializes in offering low-cost web-based solutions for the transport industry.
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Trawex’s Hotel Booking Software is a perfect solution Hotel Booking Software for small to mid-sized hotels and resorts. Hotel booking software can make your business more productive by saving time and by making the most of room booking potential. As a preferred partner, Exclusively Hotels is always available on Trawex Hotels B2B and Hotels B2C systems at no extra charge.
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