The means that you use for travelling depend on several factors – one of which is safety. However, there are many other things one considers before travelling. The most important among these are the budget and also where you want to travel. In case of travelling within the city, trains and automobiles are used. However if you want to go to another city or country, you have the choice of travelling in a plane, train or automobile.
If you compare the three means just from the point of view of safety (leaving out variables such as the destination, distance, budget etc), then planes without a doubt are the safest way to travel. Over the decades, plane safety has considerably increased, and it is now six times better than what it used to be about 20 years ago. These improvements in safety can be credited to the advanced technology, tough competition and strict and regular industry audits and quality control checks. According to the Aviation Authorities, planes are the safest way to travel also because they have the least number of fatalities on per kilometre basis.
In spite of the safety, accidents do occur – but these are rare, and the annual number of deaths in plane accidents has decreased over the past ten years. There are many cases when fatal accidents have occurred and people became frightened of travelling in planes, but at the end of the day, planes still remain the safest means of travelling.
Trains are a convenient way of travelling and transporting goods. The number of accidents involving trains has increased over the past years. The major causes of accidents for trains are derailment, driver’s error, explosions, and collapsing of bridges. One of the important factors contributing to the increasing train accidents is the increased speed of trains.
As compared to planes and trains, automobiles have the greatest statistics for accidents and fatalities all around the world. More than half the car accidents occur due to negligence on the driver’s part, resulting in a large number of accident claims The most common causes of automobile accidents are drug intake, reckless driving and intoxication.
In case of trains and planes, there is less room for any negligence on the driver’s part because it is the driver who is responsible for hundreds of lives. The authorities keep a close check on the driver’s alcohol intake and other health factors. According to research, in the case of plane accidents that have occurred all around the world over the last five decades, 30% of accidents were caused wholly due to pilot error, while all the other accidents were caused due to mechanical, weather or some other condition.