Six Reasons To Plan Your Higher Education In The UK
06th February 2017
With thousands of students moving to the UK to study and build a career for themselves, are you wondering if this is what you want? The following article helps you understand if studying in the UK is the right option for you.
The Popularity
Firstly, the popularity of United Kingdom (UK) as a study destination stems from the amount of prestigious universities this country houses. From the University of Cambridge to the Imperial College London, every student dreams of going to the land where higher education still means the highest levels of competence in one’s chosen field. This year’s list of the top universities in the world has 18 schools from the UK itself.
The Culture
The British, famed to be the most uptight, civilized people from the dawn of time have maintained their name, which is why training in UK can help you learn the culture of the west. This helps a lot in getting jobs in industries where English language becomes a must and one must know everyday trivialities about western countries like thanks-giving or Hanukkah. Over the years students from China and India have reached the UK precisely for this reason, to prepare of industries where jobs require them to speak English like native speakers and behave in the same manner.
The Entertainment
UK is a culturally rich country. Divided in Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland students can experience a vast range of cultural diversities in different areas of the UK. Entertainment centers like Nightclubs are abundantly fostering in the heart of major cities while simple pubs are dotted on the map of this country. From simple, rustic country living to the rush of the city; all is available to students upon their preferences.
Europe at Your Disposal
The completer continent is one inexpensive flight way, be it Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic or Austria. Students can also purchase an affordable Euro Rail pass that allows them to travel through train to these countries. Most students usually use the same during their vacations and explore Europe at their own leisure during their study in the UK.
The Jobs
A recent study concluded that over 82% of HR managers considered degrees from the UK to be more valuable than the ones from US or other western countries. The reason being the establishment of so many good schools in proximity to each other. The education system in most countries is deplorable and UK has managed to maintain its standard of higher education to this day. Hence, employers look favorably upon candidates with education in the UK, which increases your chances of getting a pristine job as soon as you complete your education in UK.
The UK offers the best education in the world, a variety of enriching experiences for students, a good mix of culture in student lifestyle and most importantly, a good opportunity to build a great career ahead of you. So what are you waiting for? Just plan your Higher Education In The UK and go for it.
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