OK – when I signed up for a group tour last summer, I thought I’d be spending my time with a bunch of people my grandparents age.
The only reason I chose the group tour was that it was the most affordable way for me to see all the places I wanted to see and I was really on a tight budget.
Boy was I surprised! Not only were all of the people on the tour in my age range (18-25 yrs), but they were all there for the same reasons – fun and affordability. Everyone was so friendly and laid back that I made lifelong buds. in fact, we’ve made plans to go on another tour together!
So what did I like about going on a group tour, versus going by myself?
Well, the first thing of course, was the money. I could never have afforded to go to all of the places and see all of the things that were provided on this tour. I saved about seven hundred dollars.
Even if I had been able to go to the amazing locations on my own, I would have just had to look, or read the brochure.
My tour company had expert guides to explain the history, the culture and sometimes the secrets of each site we visited.
The next not to be ignored benefit was personal safety
Let’s face it. The world is not the safest place to travel alone. With the tour, I was able to be with others. I didn’t have to be afraid of getting mugged, or drugged, or any list of nasty things that can happen to a person traveling alone. I remember my friend telling me about sunbathingon a Costa Rican beach, when a young man with a gun robbed him – in broad daylight!
The chartered transportation relieved the stress of finding local taxis and bus routes and eliminated the need for constant tipping in foreign currency or trying to give someone directions in another language.
As for pre-trip planning, I didn’t have a bunch to do, the tour company gave me an itinerary and suggestions on what to bring. I just had to show up with my packed bags at the appointed place and time and after that, I was free to enjoy the trip.
For anyone who thinks that tours are just schlepping around to churches and art galleries, hold on to your hat.
My tour was a trip down the Amazon!
There are singles tours for many wonderful destinations and exciting activities. If you want to party hearty, play hard, relax by the pool, trek through exotic places, bike, hike, or luxury cruise, there is a singles tour for you.
Go for it!
I did….and I’m so glad that even though I was nervous, I found a great group of young people interested in the same things as me! I’ve made life long friends, seen amazing sights, and am planning my next singles group vacation.
Who would’ve thought?
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