Holidays aside, there are some of the people whose careers demand that they travel frequently. If this is the case, you might already be a professional at traveling with your nanny, and your nanny knows what can be expected. But for those that are asking their nannies to travel for the 1st time this holiday season, these are some things to consider :
one. Plan ahead. Make efforts to let your nanny know some way ahead ( 3 months ) of your holiday plans in order to plan your trip with the nanny on board.
2. If you are asking your Houston Nanny to travel with you, it is standard to pay for their airfare, food ( a meal stipend works ), and lodging. Don’t ask them to pay for their own way.
3. Secure non-public accommodations for your Houston Nanny so that she may have her very own private time as she would at home while not on duty as your nanny. As an example, if staying in a hotel, a diagonally opposite suite would be fine as long as she’s got the option of closing a door for privacy. Explain to the children that this is the nanny’s private time.
4. Determine the same routine while on holiday as you do while at home : ask the Houston Nanny to work her ordinary daytime hours. If you’re going to concoct a major event that may ask extra workday hours, be ready to pay your nanny overtime as you would if you were at home. Try to plan these events ahead. You are on holiday, in fact , so asking your nanny to work extra one or two evenings within a week’s holiday is not uncommon, but attempt to balance this with compensation time for your Houston Nanny after you return home or when you can fit it into your schedule.
5. If your destination is international, be diligent about planning ( rule one ). Make sure your nanny has their passport and all the vaccination treatments important to travel safely in your destination town / country.
a difficult question that you can encounter when attempting to secure a holiday with your Houston Nanny is whether or not it is permissible to have your nanny bring along a chum or partner. The solution to this is exactly the employer’s private preference, though a recommendation here will be to stick to the firm laws of the expectations you have set for your nanny. Ensure that the nanny knows what her compensation will be, and don’t feel obligated to pay for her chum / spouse / hubby. What she is doing on her very own time while nannying from your home is her very own non-public life, so attempt to remain consistent. She will have non-public time while on holiday with your folks, and what she is doing during this time actually is her very own business. If you foresee a difficulty, trust your instincts and communicate your concerns. If your house rule is that she doesn’t have any visitors while working in your house, then remain consistent with these rules on holiday. Reiterate to your Houston Nanny that what she is doing in her very own non-public time is her very own business, and with these boundaries, many questions are answered.