Explore the many Argentina destinations outside of the iconic Buenos Aires during your Argentina travel. Learn more about the variety of destinations available with this article written by an Argentina travel expert.
A country full of scenery, culture, and adventure Argentina makes for the perfect South America vacation destination. Choosing to travel to Argentina isn’t the hard part, what is difficult is choosing which of the many destinations to include during your travel. Most travelers find themselves in the bustling capital city of Buenos Aires. Though the city is a must-see Argentina destination, there are plenty of other great places to add to your Argentina travel itinerary. Explore the variety of unique destinations for your Argentina explorations.
Resting in the foothills of the Andes, Mendoza with its many vineyards is a perfect addition to your itinerary. Though a wine connoisseur’s dream, the beauty of this area is reason enough to visit. The city is surrounded by orchards, gardens, and vineyards, all of which can be easily explored. Though Mendoza is known for its wineries, there are also plenty of outdoor excursions in the region. The surrounding mountains that look down over the vineyards are great for mountain biking or for a sunset horseback ride. However if you are looking for something out of the ordinary try paragliding or white water rafting, not only are they a thrill but the scenery is spectacular.
Salta: Though you can visit vineyards in both Mendoza and Salta, the ones you will find in Salta are much more low-key. The Calchaqui Valleys provides an array or wineries which offer wine tasting and tours. Another great aspect of Salta is its truly unique atmosphere. Located in close proximity to Bolivia, this area of Argentina feels very different from the rest of the country as it is truly a blend of both Bolivia and Argentina. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to do in Salta including biking and trekking. Another option is to spend a night in Bolivia and visit the Uyuni Salt Flats which are close enough that travelers do this trip with just one overnight in Bolivia.
Bariloche: Bariloche is the perfect Argentina destination year-round, though activities differ depending on the season. With its snow covered peaks during the winter, the region is known for the Cerro Catedral, the perfect place to hit the slopes for some skiing. Throughout the rest of the year the town provides a great base for other outdoor activities. The surrounding mountains and waters provide ample opportunity for hiking. However, a bike ride or drive along the short circuit is sure to be the highlight of your time here. Travelers can also take the chairlift to receive great views over the city.
Argentina offers a wide variety of destinations all of which can be explored during your vacation. From wine tastings to horseback riding or skiing
, these unique destinations are sure to be the perfect addition to your Argentina travel itinerary.
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