Chuckwagon Cooking Supply
03rd September 2010
The article deals with the meaning and history of Chuck wagon which was originated from United States of America. Also it tells how Chuckwagon is used in the modern world and how the cook offs is keeping the old tradition alive.
Chuckwagon cooking was originated in United States (1866) after the Civil war by the cowboys. The work chuck is used as slang for food so it meant a wagon which carrying food for feeding cowboys and nomadic workers. After the war when lots of ranchers with the cattle were moving from Texas to the Midwest took a long time around three months to complete the journey. That time the cattle owners had to think about their meals thrice a day and hence of the cattleman Colonel Charles Goodnight invented a Chuckwagon. He purchased army surplus wooden wagon which was in the condition for doing a long journey and converted the back of wagon into a mobile kitchen with the help of his cook. The wagon had chuck box in which some light weight utensils and preserved food items were kept and there was boot which held Dutch ovens, grill racks and coffee makers. The food which was easy to preserve like beans, salted meats, biscuits as desserts and coffee was used as the Chuckwagon food. Soon the wagon gained popularity among the trail drovers in the west. Later on American Chuckwagon Association was formed to keep the culture of Chuckwagon preserved.
After 1990’s because of new inventions and new techniques the cattle owners have no longer to travel for miles and miles and hence use of these wagons were stopped by them. But with the efforts of the members of American Chuckwagon Association many Chuckwagon cook off’s organised in US so that people become aware of the history and events. Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium is one of the famous cook off’s. Another one is Amarillo, Texas. These cook off’s provide traditional Chuckwagon meals on wheels. Chuckwagon cooking supply is now in the form of camps for people who like adventures. Among these types of camps Cocklebur Camp cooking is very famous and a good experience. They use Dutch Oven Cooking while camping which takes you in the old days of Chuckwagon cooking. Sam and S.W. jointly with their boys scout friends formed Cocklebur cooking camps. These camps give an experience of Chuckwagon food style and their tradition. The food served is also absolutely Chuckwagon style that is biscuits, pancakes etc. From Dutch oven cooking and special delights of a wooden stove that includes chicken fried steaks, prime rib , homemade pies and other old time recopies. It’s not like this that they only provide you with the food that cowboys were supplied but also give you the overview of western culture in detail. The camp is a really adventurous, and takes you back in the history. It is fun with the whole family where you can relish old cowboy time food and also in the similar environment. Hence it can be said chuckwagon cooking supply camps takes you in the past and familiarize you with the rich western culture.
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