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Over the last ten years, people taking shorter holidays have increased by over 100%. These trips are mainly made up of people going on a holiday, visiting friends or flying out of the country for business. The Australian dollar has been increasing in strength in the last decade as the economy has grown, which has most likely helped with this trend. Also, the cost of shorter flights has decreased at the same time, making holidaying more affordable for the average person.
New Zealand
Perhaps not surprisingly, New Zealand was the most common travel destination for Australians. The flight is short, and the culture is similar, but different enough to make the trip a fantastic holiday. Another reason is that getting cash out is very easy, and Australians can take money out of an ATM without any additional fees, which makes a holiday or business trip more affordable.
The number of people traveling from Australia to Indonesia increased significantly in the last ten years. This has become a common destination for younger people, and Bali has become a common holiday destination for those in their early 20s looking for a cheap holiday with excellent beaches and cheap alcohol.
America has also become a much more popular travel destination and has increased in popularity, almost 150% between 2009 and 2018. The most common destination is Hawaii, but other states in both the east and west were also common places to travel to.
England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland were the 4th most popular places to visit by Australians. This has actually fallen in the last ten years, as it was the 2nd most popular destination, but the cheaper Indonesia and more exciting America have passed the UK in recent years. Australians still get 6-month visas automatically, though, which is what makes it such a good destination for people wanting to travel for an extended period of time. You can easily access Europe from England. The culture is similar enough and there’s no language barrier.
Similar to Indonesia but not quite as close, Thailand has increased significantly to become the 5th most popular travel destination. The country relies heavily on tourists now and has a great combination of beauty , great food, and affordable living. You can do both a trip on a budget, or spend a bit extra and get a luxury holiday for a reasonable price.
China has a great historical background and years of culture, making it a top-rated destination. Not quite as popular as it used to be, but China is still in the top 10 by a good margin.
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