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1. A plethora of international food
As Malaysia is a cultural melting pot, the cultures and cuisines have blended and created a diverse food scene in the country that is unrivaled by anywhere else. The long history of colonizers, along with the past and present food trends added more colours to the scene. Be it Eastern or Western, you’ll find food from around the world in Malaysia without having to travel out of the country! Book a tour package to Malaysia now!
2. Halal tourism
Being a predominantly Muslim country, Malaysia is one of the best countries to travel to for halal tourism. In malls and other public places, prayers rooms are provided for Muslims to perform their religious duties. On top of that, there’s usually a mosque or a surau in every area and neighborhood. Being a Muslim country also means most restaurants to carry the official halal certification, or clearly display their non-halal status if otherwise. Sri Sutra Travel offers holiday packages to Malaysia destinations.
3. Cultural and religious festivals all year round
As a multicultural country, Malaysia celebrates a variety of religious and cultural festivities and many days of the year are dedicated to these celebrations. Experience the colors of Deepavali, the Lunar New Year, the magic of Christmas and the joyous Eid all in one country! Typically, the Prime Minister and state heads would organize open houses on these days for everyone to attend. Call a travel agent to book a holiday package to Malaysia.
4. Multilingual dialogues
Malaysia is probably the only place in the world where you mix in four different languages into one single sentence and still it makes sense. It’s rather normal for Malaysians to mix different languages into their daily conversations. With Malay as the national language, English as the commonly used language and Hokkien and Tamil for the Chinese and Indians, almost every Malaysian is at least naturally bilingual. Book a tour package to Malaysia now to experience this!
5. Varied landscapes
From a concrete jungle of skyscrapers and shopping malls to paddy fields and tea plantations, Malaysia has such a diverse landscape that some tourists forget that they’re still in the same country as they explore all over Malaysia. Whether you prefer an island escapade, hiking, and trekking, or city exploration, there’s something for everyone here. Sri Sutra Travel offers exciting tour packages to Malaysia.
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