By Nelson Berry
By The Pioneer of Subliminal Messages Online.
Do you feel your hands sweating when you are onboard an airplane? Do you develop a fear of dread or foreboding? Are you confused if you’re doing the right thing? Traveling can definitely bring all sorts of emotions, including depression and anxiety However, you should not allow them to take over the excitement and the sense of wonderment of seeing a totally different place.
If you find yourself getting scared on the idea of traveling, the following ideas may help ease it out:
1. Get to know the place. They say that ignorance is blissbut certainly not in the case of traveling to an unfamiliar territory. It’s very important that you understand the location’s culture, people, economics, religion , and even their traffic and accommodation options. As much as possible, you want to blend in and feel secure to where you’re going. Thankfully, there are already several books and websites you can check out before you leave.
2. Plan the travel well. Give yourself time to plan out everything: where you’re staying, how much money you’re going to bring, what places to go to, and people you want to meet. You can also give your travel plans to a close friend or family member, who can monitor your whereabouts. This will give you an opportunity to stay in contact with your loved ones, so you don’t end up getting so worried and lonely.
3. Let the attendants know you’re scared. Thousands of people are actually scared of flying. Some would pop sleeping pills, so they can just close their eyes temporarily while on the air, but this can be pretty dangerous. Besides, it leaves a lot of room for addiction on such drugs. The best thing you can do is to approach the attendants. They are trained to handle people under a lot of stress. They may move you to a seat near them, or they can continuously check on your condition while in flight.
4. Meditate. Never allow the anxiety to take hold of you. If you feel that you’re already on the verge of panicking, just close your eyes, take deep breaths, and start to meditate. You can recite some subliminal messages such as I am looking forward to seeing a new place or I embrace this new adventure with all my heart. The subliminal messages can be repeated a lot of times until you can feel the messages sinking in. You will notice that the subliminal messages try to remove the negative vibes and emotions and replace them with something positive. You will feel a lot calmer all throughout your travel.
5. Travel with a friend. As much as possible, travel with someone with you such as friend or a family member. The experiences are definitely worth sharing with someone. It also makes you feel more comfortable and secure, knowing someone is there to watch your back at all times. You can also share expenses, which is another good thing.
6. Choose your accommodation properly. Stay at an accommodation with 24-hour security. You can also find a room that has its own safety deposit box.
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