By Manoj Upadhyay
Listen to everything
It is wise not to ignore the negative news that goes on in any region you plan to visit in India or abroad. Is it just political turbulence or something more serious is going on? Find out the kind of disturbances going on in your target city and see if you can ignore them or deal with them. If they are just road protests, you can overlook them and carry on roaming around unless they are too aggressive or violent. However, do not ignore the rapes, murders, or kidnappings if they happen on a regular basis in a high number.
Find out the safe regions
India is a significantly large country and so are many other nations. A few regions may be more vulnerable than the others. Therefore, the good idea is to find out the safe states, cities, or villages where you can have a gala time. Many places in India are safe for solo travel as well, about which you can read in travel blogs and articles.
Be prepared
If you are a foreigner in any country, or even if you are a local, you must be prepared to deal with any kind of danger if you land in an emergency situation. You must buy a local number so that you can dial the emergency numbers immediately when you are in trouble. You can call the police or your relevant embassy. However, you must find out whether the embassy is still functional in that country or not. Make copies of all your documents and keep your originals in a safe place. You must recognize the alternative ways to reach the nearest airport if you cannot reach there through the usual route. It is crucial to have all this information handy whenever you travel to a potentially dangerous zone.
Share your whereabouts
There must be someone back home who knows about your itinerary. You must keep someone updated about your constant whereabouts, the mobile number, and changes in plans. They must have your hotel address with them, if you are staying in a far-off hotel or in the core of a city. If you are going by an airplane from Delhi, you must share your flight timings. If you plan to hire Self-Drive Cars in Mumbai to drive away, you must give the car number to the concerned person. If you are taking a train from Chennai, you can give the train number to your friend or family member. It may seem too much of information to divulge, but it gives a peace of mind to you and your family knowing that you are safe at some far off region, whether you are alone or with someone.
Car accidents and road mishaps are quite common in countries like India where the population density is very high. Many other Asian and Middle-Eastern countries have more or less same issues as India, but they are equally beautiful countries for tourism.
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