By David Bryce
On July 09, 2012
Let’s face it. In today’s economy, there are very few of us who could just wake up and decide to take a vacation. Most of us would need to approve the time off at work and the vast majority would need to save for a long period of time before being able to afford to plan anything. While the vacation part is a blast, sometimes the getting there is not so much. But here are some ways to cut your everyday expenses and free up some cash that you can put into savings that will become your getaway fund. If any of these do not pertain to you, think of something that might be close in nature and replace it. We are all guilty of spending money we don’t know we have.
Cut out your daily coffee house java. Like all habits, this really adds up if you take $5 a day. I love my frozen blended coffee on my way home but after I did the math, I was spending $30 a week after tipping the gals. That is $120 a month that I could be saving. Where I work, it was costing me 27 cents to just have a regular coffee in the morning instead. Yes, I still go treat myself about once a week, but I no longer go each day. It saves me quite a bit of money.
Eat at home more often. All food has become expensive, that is true. But by cooking at home, you are able to keep leftovers and have them for lunch the next day, thus saving you even more money. Buy your groceries for the week or two weeks, do not graze through the store every night. You will spend three times the money that way. Plan a menu, get the food, and stick to it. Don’t over spend. Using a coupon or two won’t hurt either, it is all in the name of saving for that trip of your lifetime, right?
Trade off your car. Some will argue to just get rid of your car. Unless you are in the middle of a city and work fairly close, that is really hard to do. Especially with children. But with the gas prices as high as they are and no relief in sight, driving that nine miles to the gallon guzzler may not be the most economical answer to your budget. If you can swing it, trade up for a fuel efficient family car. Because you are used to putting $80 to $100 in for gas a week, put the money you save into the bank toward your vacation.
Bargain shop. This is for everything from clothing to hotel rooms and flights. Haunt those clearance racks at the department stores. Utilize eBay and Amazon. There are quality items out there for not a lot of money. When shopping for your accommodations, start early and watch each day and take note of price differences. If you encounter a deal you can’t pass up, buy early. There is nothing wrong with that.
The goal is not to live uncomfortable, it is to enable you to finally take that vacation you have always wanted. Give it a shot, look at what you spend and see where you can encourage yourself to cut back. Travel safe! For more information about Branson attractions and Branson resorts , there’s great information online.
Author’s Bio:
David Bryce is an online publisher for Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson, MO.