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The origins of Harry Potter
If you visit Edinburgh for Harry Potter tour , you will surely have seen that several places in the city refer to themselves as “the birthplace of Harry Potter” but, unfortunately, this is nothing more than an excellent marketing strategy JK Rowling has told on several occasions that the first idea for Harry Potter was developed on a train from Manchester to London that was late in 1990
Between 1991 and 1993 Rowling lived in Oporto, Portugal, where she worked as an English teacher and where she lived with her husband at the time. It is thus in the city on the banks of the Douro River where the writer begins to develop the ideas for the saga of seven books and writes the first chapters of Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. In 1993, after the failure of his marriage and with his daughter Jessica under his arm, Rowling moves to Edinburgh to be close to his sister and turns to give body to the most popular literary saga of the late twentieth century.
It is the capital of Scotland and they say, one of the most beautiful cities in the United Kingdom, here we tell you how to get to know it.
Thanks to the recommendations of the wise concierges of the Kimpton Charlotte Square hotel, it is that we can share the following tips to discover the charm of this city as if you lived in it.Take note!
Through the footsteps of royalty
Follow the steps that the monarchs have traveled for centuries along theRoyal Mile, between the Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyrood House, the official residence of the Queen in Edinburgh, dating from the twelfth century.Visit the castle to see the crown jewels used by Mary Queen of Scotland and the ancient Stone of Destiny, which is still used in coronations.
Go to the underground area
When the South Bridge was completed in 1788, its vaults located under the 19 arches were used as warehouses and later became the red zone of the city. To explore this hidden history, you can take a historical tour or a tour of ghosts through the vaults. Or, you can meet Bannerman ‘s, a bar that locals love and where they enjoy rock and whiskey concerts. There is also the Panda & Sons a speakeasy of clandestine cocktails.
Through the literary
JK Rowling may be the most successful author in Edinburgh, but by no means was she the first. The moment you see the Scott Monument , Sir Walter Scott’s memorial, you will know that Edinburgh reveres its authors. If you’re a Harry Potter fan you should have a coffee at The Elephant House , where Rowling dreamed her magical world. To get lost in books , visit the many bookstores in the city such as McNaughtan’s , second-hand and the oldest in Scotland, or Lighthouse , which is known as a “radical” bookstore that specializes in left politics and activism.
Unmissable flavors
After dinner
Far from the turmoil of tourists, there’s nothing better than visiting Morningside and getting to know a real pub. The favorite is The Canny Man’s , which dates back to 1871 and has 250 whiskeys. Click here for more information regarding Edinburgh tour.
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