By alexa sara
There are many places to travel in the world. The beauty of world encourages every one of us to travel and explore the beauty of the world. Many people have travel bug when it strikes they back the bag and go. It is also important to plan where you want to travel. Here I am giving you information of some best places to travel. These places are beautiful and enjoyable. The first place is Paris. It is famous for its Eiffel Towel. The magnetic city of lights attracts new travelers to Notre Dame, Louvre and famous Eiffel Tower. Paris is the place where experienced travelers also want to come back again and again. In Paris there are always new Michelin related hotels to try, exhibitions to see at Centre Pompidou. Travel to Paris is always unforgettable for you. The second best place is Spain for traveling. Barcelona is best place in Spain.
Barcelona is famous for its unique and attractive places that have almost everything from engaging culture of siestas. Barcelona offers lively and attractive shopping. You can see old heritage in Barcelona. The other most famous place is London. London is bright star of United Kingdom. In London there are many things to do like touring the Tower of London, looking to Queen outside Buckingham Palace. London attracts various kinds of travelers including backpackers, couples and families. You can finish your day with a night at a popular club or at the theater. In London many visitors go for the tourisms. The other best place for travel is San Francisco in the United States. The city provides its visitors to fun. There are many ways to spend your time here. The other best place to travel is the City of New York. Many people say that there is really no place like New York City. The City of New York has diversity, energy and attitude available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.
You will never get bored in this City of New York. New York is hottest fashion capital with the hottest trends and beautiful dinning places. In New York you can also find some theater options you could ever find in other countries. There are many famous places in the New York City like the lights of Time Square and Empire State Building. If you are planning your holidays in summer, the best place is than Edinburgh. The famous festival in Edinburgh is held in August. This Scottish city is favorite of most peoples. The city of Edinburgh has green hills, medieval buildings, historic museums, expansive parks and pubs. Travel to Edinburgh will be unforgettable for you. The other best place for the traveling is Miami Beach. If you are looking for the beautiful weather then choose Miami Beach for the holidays. The Floridian city is famous for its stuffed and bright colors, extreme nightlife, and beautiful coastline. Miami Beach is best choice for relaxing. You can choose best places for travel from above list.
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