A trip to Disney World doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are a few tips on how to travel cheap to Disney.
Bring every conceivable type of medication you think you may have a need for, as they are ridiculously expensive in the gift shops and hotel shops. This would include such things a simple headache meds or something for motion sickness.
Do not buy a cheap pair of shoes; wear a quality pair of tennis shoes. This will actually save you money on blister medication and the fact that after buying the cheap shoes and finding out how they will torture your feet, you’ll still end up purchasing the good ones anyway. So just save some money by getting some good-quality sneakers. Your feet will definitely thank you for that.
Buy a bottle of water and carry it around with you through the parks, refilling at water fountains along the way. You’ll save a ton of money on beverages this way, and water is better for you than soda anyway!
This is not really a tip on how to travel cheap, but it’s really important so I must mention it. Do not under any circumstances wear your shoes without socks. No matter how comfortable they feel to you while walking around the house, they will be absolute torture after a few hours of walking around the theme parks.
If you have a large family, you can save a lot of money on meals if you dine off property, so it may be a better deal for you to rent a car and drive somewhere else to eat breakfast and dinner. Bring snacks with you to munch on during the day between meals. There are many great restaurants nearby, check those out online before your trip and have a plan for where you want to eat. Many restaurants are located not too far away on International Drive, or you can find a ton over on 192 in Kissimmee which is a great idea for how to travel cheap. Lots of souvenir shops too where you can get cheap T-shirts to take home to friends and family.
Many of the hotels both on-site and off will offer discounts during the off season. It’s a great idea to check into that and get some super deals during off-peak times like January and February. Florida has gorgeous weather during these times too. Especially if you are from up north, you will think you are in a tropical paradise compared to the weather there.
A couple more dining tips for how to travel cheap: Want to test out some of the gourmet restaurants at Epcot? Try heading over for lunch instead of dinner as it is much less expensive and you will get to try the same food. Also look for restaurants that offer free meals for kids. This is common, and can save you a bundle. If you have family members with smaller appetites, consider sharing one entree between the two of you. There may be a nominal fee for sharing, but you will still save a significant amount as opposed to buying two complete dinners.