A nation that have been preserving its wilderness as well as culture unlike many Central American nations, Panama have always been a top choice for nature lovers and people who fond of myriad cultures from Americas. Bridging both North America and Central America whilst being surrounded by the Costa Rica and Colombia whilst sharing coastal shores of the Caribbean Sea and North Pacific Ocean.
Central America’s southernmost nation, known for its rich wilderness, extravagant beaches and tranquilizing lifestyle, Panama is among the most bewitching and delightful getaway options in the entire Americas, ideally visited for beach getaways and vacations throughout the year. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Panama is a fabulous nation that is featured with the lively lifestyle influenced from the Caribbean region and natural bliss that give away the glimpse of the Pacific region. Often acclaimed as one of the best places to travel, Panama has everything you need on a vacation in the Latin America. So, following are the things that will surely make you voyage here in the near future:
Best time to visit Panama
Panama is known to be a year-round destination despite witnessing a major spell of shower and intense rain. The sprawling cities of Panama are quite fantastic and regardless of the weather conditions, there are plenty of things that you can explore easily. However, if you are looking for the perfect time to visit Panama, you will find the dry season that begins from December and last till May perfect for some great exploration and sunny days at the sandy beaches. Additionally, this time is also quite favorable for those who are seeking budget getaways as from February till May, fewer people are found visiting here.
Best attractions in Panama
Panama is the home of a number of bewitching and enthralling cities that are filled with loads of happening attractions and exclusive features. Cities like Panama City, Bocas Town, Colon, Boquete, El Velle de Anton, Gatun Lake, Portobelo, David, Coiba, Pearl Island, Bastimentos Island, Taboga Island and Canon are the best cities and towns for some quality vacations. While you are exploring this astonishing nation of Panama, don’t miss to visit the Panama Canal, Casco Viejo, Gatun Lake, Ancon Hill, Volcan Baru, Biomuseo, Avenida Balboa, Museo Antropologico Reina Torres de Arauz, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Afro-Antillean Museum of Panama, Portobelo and many more places that have been treasuring the natural, culture, historical and lifestyle gems of this astounding nation.
Things to Do in Panama
The capital Panama City has been quite a fantastic place and has so much to do at the most prominent attractions including Panama Viejo, Panama Canal, Parque Soberania and Casco Antiguo that you can easily spend a few days admiring the beauty and charisma of the region. Additionally, Panama has a number of perfect beaches and you can go for beach-hopping from one to other. You can also go for some adventurous expedition by opting for White Water Rafting at Rio Chiriqui Viejo and test your skills of handling a raft at strong and intense rapids. There are also a number of activities including horseback riding, zip-line ride, hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, boating and more.
Shopping and Nightlife in Panama
Panama is a beautiful nation and like any other region of the Central America, Panama too has a vibrant nightlife which can be witnessed in any prominent metropolis of the country. The enthralling bars, pubs, clubs and discos are here to give you some quality time and witness the spellbinding zealous nightlife of the southernmost nation of the Latin America. Being one of the most desired and visited region of the Latin America, Panama has gradually expanded its markets and you can find the plenty of markets, malls and stores across the boardwalks, downtown of the cities and various other places. The biggest marketplace in the capital is known as Metromall Panama. Shopping for groceries here is really amazing and you can easily get some quality and fresh groceries at the farmer’s markets across the country.
Essential Information
Despite being a famous nation for tourism, there are few shady neighborhoods that are not safe for tourists during the dark hours. Additionally, the dominating rainy season that covers almost half a year from June till November will give you some trouble if you don’t pack your raincoats, portable umbrellas, additional clothes and more. Dry season spanning from December to May is great for sightseeing and exploring the outdoors. However, if you are planning to witness the beaches and enjoying the fantastic beauty of the nature, it is advised to pack your sunglasses, hats and sunscreen to avoid any tan or sunburn.
Panama is a great nation that is filled with loads of picturesque sites and adorable features that are really hard to find elsewhere. The tranquilizing lifestyle and laid-back culture of Panama has brought the nation in the travel bucket list for everyone. Regardless of whether you are planning to visit solo, as a couple, family, or a friend’s group, everything available here for you will surely give a temptation you can’t forget. So, next time, whenever you feel like having a sunny getaway with beaches, remarkable natural freshness and bewitching nightlife
, board on the flights to Panama and enjoy a life with loads of happening memories that will last forever.