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Lisbon Lounge Suites is an alternative for those who are tired of staying in hotels rooms: No matter how fancy they are, after one day, it becomes only a room: these modern, confortable, fully equipped appartments will make you feel as if you were in a house of your dreams, with all facilities of a 5 star hotel!

"Páteo” is composed of eight charming apartments ranging from 700 to 1300 sq feet in size, making up a contemporary building of 3 floors, surrounded by a large private garden with facilities including swimming pool, solarium, gymnasium, private parking, catering and wi-fi.

With the comfort of a five star hotel, the apartments are completely integrated into the surrounding historic architecture.

Tucked beneath the Castelo São Jorge – known for its postcard image of Portugal, the Pateo is within a 10 minute walk of the castle, Rossio, Alfama, Chiado, aswell as many other tourist attractions.

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